24 Hours in Kuala Lumpur

Whenever I think of Malaysia the first thing that comes to my mind is Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia has many cities but the most famous and liveliest is Kuala Lumpur. Now, if you have been there before you would know that this place never sleeps, you will find people out on the streets around the clock no matter what the time is. I had traveled to Malaysia in 2018 during a team-building session and at the end of it, I had an extra day left so I decided to head to Kuala Lumpur and make the most of this place. 

I traveled to KL from Putrajaya which takes an hour by cab and during the ride I made reservations in ‘Hotel Melange' which is a cute little boutique hotel right in the middle of a night market that takes place every weekend and luckily it was a Saturday, so I was rest assured that I would spend a very exciting day. Upon checking in I was astonished to view the famous Petronas Towers from my room itself. This made me extremely satisfied with the hotel bookings since it was made last minute. 

Coincidently it was the Lantern Festival aka. Mid-Autumn Festival that day. I could see colorful processions, dressed up using various props including dragons. They were performing puppet shows on the streets; I could imagine a scene out of a movie and was thrilled as I had never seen such a unique sight before. I walked quite a distance with the crowd, cheering and dancing like everybody else. 

This experience left me exhausted, I went to the nearest 7-Eleven to grab a cold beverage which helped me feel refreshed as it was a very humid day. I decided to explore the entire locality on foot, the hotel where I was staying was located near the central market and everything you needed was available there. I saw a few currency exchange stores, pharmacies, 7-Eleven's, local Malaysian restaurants and some  souvenir shops so I decided to shop for everyone back home, I bought little coin purses, chocolates, fridge magnets, t-shirts, Zippos, perfumes and a mini replica of the Petronas Towers, these stores were also selling items that you need in your day to day life, so just in case you forget to pack something you can buy it from here.

Soon I was starving and I desperately wanted to try the local street food, so I walked back towards my hotel. I left all my purchases in my room and went back downstairs to the night market to gorge on some tasty snacks. It was a huge market with many little lanes and stores with hawkers selling barbequed chicken, beef and veggies on skewers,  potato spirals, fresh fruit juices; I also tasted Dragon Breath for the first time (this is ice-cream that includes liquid nitrogen). I stuffed myself with skewered ham, broccoli and chicken, my taste buds were feeling extremely satisfied.

I was waiting for the sky to turn dark so that I could visit the Petronas Towers as it looks the best at night glimmering in the lights, so after I finished eating and exploring the market I hailed a cab and hopped on to visit the towers. It was a twenty-minute ride from the hotel and the driver was chatty, he was a local and upon reaching he informed me that he would wait till I get done and then drop me back to my hotel, I felt very grateful for his friendly gesture. 

The towers were gigantic and the sky color had changed to crimson making it a wonderful sight and picture-perfect too. This place was full of tourists, I clicked some beautiful pictures, spent some time walking around exploring the vicinity. After almost an hour I got into my cab and went back to the hotel. Upon reaching there I realized that the number of people had increased and the market was excessively crowded, I was worn-out after such a tiresome and long day and at the same time I saw many local massage parlors inviting customers for a foot massage, I took this as a sign and immediately walked inside the first store that I came across and asked for a foot massage. It was at a reasonable price and felt so heavenly that I dozed off and after thirty minutes or so the masseuse woke me up informing that she was done. I had regained all my strength and was fresh enough to last for a couple of hours at least.


I walked out of there not knowing what to do next when I overheard a group of girls talking amongst themselves about Zouk which is one of the most famous night clubs in KL. I knew that I had to see it for myself, so I went back to my room, got dressed, and called for a cab to take me to Zouk which was not very far from the hotel.

Zouk is a must-visit place for all party animals travelling to KL, it was an enormous club with six lavish differently themed rooms, named Imperial, Balcony Deck, Main Room, Phuture, Apex Lounge and Velvet underground. I checked out every lounge, however, the best and highly recommended is the Velvet underground room, there was a headphones party going on, the crowd was going crazy dancing to the beats. I spent the night swaying away and got back to my room at around 3 am hammered. I was asleep in seconds.

The Next Day...

The next day I woke up at noon, surprised that I was up so early as I was sure that  I would wake up just before the flight. I took a long iced shower that shook  me up completely and made the Hangover disappear. I got dressed and was hungry so I went to have a bite in the hotel’s restaurant that was on the terrace, it had a jaw-dropping view of the city, I saw a huge variety of towers and buildings all differently shaped and structured. It was a marvelous sight. I ordered for a continental breakfast combo, I ate my brunch and drank a steaming cup of hot coffee while enjoying the view and once done I  was on my way to explore the remainder of whatever was left around to explore as I had to leave for the airport in a few hours.

I hired a cab to the Pavilion Mall which was at a short distance from the hotel, it is the most famous mall in KL and one can buy all sorts of items at a good price. I bought a few clothes and footwear at a very good discount. I made it back to my hotel just in time, packed my bags and set off for the airport. I had fallen in love with KL and knew that I had to come back soon to tour the rest of it. Malaysia is a great place for backpackers too, it has a little bit of something special to offer every type of traveller.

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