Mystical Koh Phi Phi


Phi Phi islands is one of the most beautiful and touristy islands in Thailand, which is a popular tourist destination for it's turquoise waters, white sand beaches, scenic mountains and their crazy nightlife. You can either travel by ferry or a speed boat to get there from Krabi Islands or Phuket, it takes about 1.5 - 2 hours to get there depending on your choice of conveyance from any of these locations.

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The color of the water changes throughout the entire journey and when you see turquoise colored water you will know you that you are finally approaching the island.


Ko Phi Phi is full of little lanes with tiny shops selling bikinis, shell jewelry, pizza stalls, shacks, and everything else you can think of. You will also come across many stores selling packages for scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking or to hire a long tail boat to visit the nearby islands

Top things to do in Ko Phi Phi have been listed below:-

Stay at Donchukit Resort

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Pool View at Phi Phi Don Chukit Resort

It is at a distance of a quick 5-7 minutes walk from the ferry (the only mode of transport in Ko Phi Phi is on foot). This is one of the highly rated and best resorts on this island, it was like a dream come true and the most beautiful place that I have been to. it has an infinity pool on the deck overlooking the turquoise waters and picturesque mountains. Their food is a must-try as it is very delicious and comes with a perfect view, their rooms are cozy cottages which are pretty reasonable considering the location and the panorama.

Party at Ibiza Beach Club

You must attend their afternoon pool parties if you want to party hard and listen to some great techno music by a live DJ. It is a party hostel facing the beach with a minibar section to cater to the pool party, here you will find people from everywhere mingling together playing beer pong, dancing, relaxing by the pool and enjoying themselves.

Try the Street food

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When you are done enjoying at Ibiza you can try some yummy street food that is sold not far away from there and tastes heavenly. You can gorge on some delicious chicken satay, beef satay, and Thai Coconut milk mini pancakes which are served with sugar.

Buy a Cocktail bucket

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You will come across many shops selling different types of cocktails in little buckets, I bought a Long Island Iced Tea and spent the entire evening drinking and getting hammered.

Shell Hunt


You can find some exquisite shells along the shore and you can make your own jewelry, shell chimes, and other articles. We found some beautiful and exotic shells on the beach and this actually turned out to be an amazing couple's activity.



Ko Phi Phi has some of the tastiest pizzas to offer, they have little stores in almost every lane that sell pizzas per slice. They sell pepperoni, ham, tuna, chicken and veg pizzas as well.

Flaunt a beach dress


You will find stores selling beautiful dresses and bikinis. You can negotiate and buy one at a decent rate to spend the rest of the day in.

PS. The boys can pick T-shirts with one of the many popular elephant prints that they sell in.

Try the local bakeries

Taste some of the locally baked goods like cakes, jam rolls, ham buns, and much more at The Phi Phi Bakery or the Patcharee French Bakery and appease your tastebuds.

Friendly Felines


You will also spot many cats on the Island, more than you might have seen in the whole of Thailand. I came across so many and ensured that I sat down and pet each one of them. They were extremely well mannered and playful and none of them ran away like the way they usually do.

Night parties at Stones and Slinky Bar


Enjoy the night scenes at one of these places to watch some exciting fire shows and dance the night away on the beach while you sip on some cocktails. Cocktails are reasonable all over the island.

Special Mention


Ko Phi Phi has many exciting things to offer so make sure to spend some time and explore the entire island, it took us just a few hours to do so and we also found an excellent joint called the Monster Burger. They sell some yummylicious burgers and you can customize them as per your preference. You can choose your own sauce, sides, and toppings as well.

We couldn't make it to the most famous Phi Phi Viewpoint as we stayed there just for a day but I will definitely include it in my next visit to Thailand soon after this lockdown ends.